Cell Engineering (세포공학) - 38600

This course is intended to give students an overview of general cell biology and the opportunity to expand their knowledge of topics related to bioengineering technologies for cell-based applications. The biological aspects of cells and their characterization techniques will be addressed. The key concepts of cell engineering will also be discussed in the light of deriving specific cell types, control of cell behavior, and therapeutic use of cells. 

Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Experiment II (휴먼기계바이오공학실험II) - 38598

In this course, students conduct experiments  to enhance the understanding of fundamental theories learned in the other MBE major courses and to cultivate basic experimental skills in the field of bioengineering. Moreover, this course aims to provide the students with sufficient experience to grow as researchers in the field by cultivating practical skills such as experiment design, equipment use, and analysis of experiment results.

Biomaterials (생체재료학) - 38567

The purpose of this course is to provide the students fundamentals of biomaterials, their use, and applications, and to introduce them to problems associated with the selection and function of biomaterials. Topics include overview of four major classes of biomaterials, strategies for engineering and characterizing their properties, and diverse biomedical applications. At the conclusion of the course, students are expected to have a basic understanding of biomaterials and an advanced insight for designing and engineering biomaterials.